Carefully enter the chirping room and pay special attention to whether birds are sitting on the floor. Find a quiet spot and watch the birds. How many different species can you discover?
Cockatiels and budgies live in the twitter room. They are originally from Australia, the country of the kangaroos. The cockatiels have a gray plumage and a yellow head with red cheeks and a feather hood. The budgies could be thought of as different species because they are colored so differently. But all the yellow, green, blue and white birds in the chirping room belong to this species, with only the yellow-green occurring in nature. They are often in flocks of thousands of birds.

How far can you count? Try counting all cockatiels or all blue budgies!
The birds never stand still - this is a challenge even for great naturalists! In the zoo we make an inventory of the animal population every year. Animals kept in large flocks or groups (e.g. budgerigars, zebra mongoose) are counted several times by different keepers.
The advantage of large flocks, groups or herds is that many eyes see more than two and therefore discover food sources or predators more quickly. Robbers can also find it harder to focus on hunting a single animal if they all flee.

Now look around the entrance again. There is a small box of food for the parakeets here. If you dare, take some of it in your hand, move closer to the parakeets and keep still. Maybe you're lucky and someone will even be flown on your hand!
Budgerigars eat grass and herb seeds. Cockatiels too, but nuts and fruits as well as grasses and herbs. A large part of the area in Australia consists of deserts, grasslands and steppes. Therefore, the birds are constantly looking for new sources of feed.