The red pandas are the symbol of the Görlitz zoo. They have been kept here for many years and have young animals almost every summer, which are called puppies like dogs or cats. They originally come from the Himalayas, which is a mountain range in Asia. There they climb trees and eat a lot of bamboo.

Take a look around - can you find the red pandas in the enclosure? What are you doing right now? How many can you see?
Normally we have an adult breeding pair and possibly one or two young animals in the enclosure (see sign "Young animal born on"). The pandas can often be found in the yew or on their food plateaus.

Red pandas eating

If you can't spot the pandas, there is a stealth path to the left of the enclosure. See carefully if you see the pandas in the tree from there. Can you already recognize the tree?
It is a yew tree. It bears round red fruits in late summer, the seeds of which are poisonous. But for a reason that has not yet been researched, red pandas can still tolerate these fruits.

Red pandas in the yew tree

What exactly do the red pandas look like? Do you have any ideas why they look like this?
The trees in the Himalayas are often covered with reddish moss and lichen, so the mostly red colored pandas between the branches are not noticeable. Its underside is black and is also used for camouflage because the branches appear very dark when viewed from below. They are therefore much easier to find in our green yew tree than in nature!

Continue to the right of the enclosure to the pavilion. There are videos or a live camera from the Red Pandas' nest cave. What happens in the nest cave?
The young pandas live exclusively protected in the cave for the first three months. Her mother takes care of her all by herself and brings her food and lots of "toys" from the area, e.g. Sticks, moss or berries. This way, the young pandas know their surroundings very well when they leave the cave for the first time. Red pandas communicate a lot about sounds when raising young boys. The meaning of the various beeps and squeaks was researched here in the Görlitz-Zgorzelec nature reserve.

Insight into the nest cave

Our red panda is hungry! Can you help him find his way through the bushes to the bamboo?