You can enter our alpine ibex enclosure. Where can you discover Alpine ibex everywhere?

Alpine ibex come from the Alps, a large mountain range. Have you ever seen her on vacation in nature? What animals do they remind you of? And why?
Ibex belong to the goats. You can easily recognize them by their body shape, their horns and their small hooves, which allow them to climb safely even on steep cliffs.

Our ibex do not all look the same. What differences can you see between them?
Clear differences can be seen in body and horn size, while the coloring is uniformly gray-brown.

Can you explain why some of the animals are large and others are small? Why does one of them have such big horns?
In ibex, males and females differ greatly in their physique. Males are significantly larger than females and have much larger horns than these. The animal with the large, curved horns is the oldest male. The horns are used to keep competitors away from their own females.
Furthermore, there are still some young animals in the herd that are also smaller and have smaller horns regardless of gender.

What other animals can you think of besides goats that have horns?
The answer is biologically correct, e.g. sheep, beef, yak, chamois, bison, buffalo, wildebeest, antelope or gazelle.
Answers are also expected that actually describe antler bearers: deer, sika deer, muntjak, moose, reindeer.

Do you know the difference between a horn and an antler? There is a game outside in front of the enclosure that you should definitely try!
A horn consists of a bone cone covered with a horn sheath. Horns grow all their lives and are not thrown off. An antler consists of bones. It begins to grow in spring and is always discarded at the end of the year. You can smell the difference between horn and antlers by playing: filing on both materials heats them up. Warm bone (antlers) hardly smells. On the other hand, we know the smell of warm horn from the farrier when shoeing or accidentally burnt hair.

What do alpine ibexes prefer to eat?
Follow the line to find out!