Kangaroos are particularly good at two things: jump far and carry their children around in a bag. On the jumping playground you can feel like a little kangaroo ...

You have probably already discovered the trampoline! Do you also see the animals on the signs on the fence? These animals all live in the zoo. On these signs you can see how far they can jump. Have you found the kangaroo shield yet? Which animals jump further than a rabbit, which do not make it this far?
Eastern gray kangaroos can jump up to 10 m with a swing, so the sign is quite far away on the fence. A rabbit jumps 2m, the other animal signs are aligned accordingly (guinea pig 0.4m, flea 0.6m, grasshopper 1.75m, otter 4m).

Now it's your turn! Do a short hop on the trampoline and then jump as far as you can. Are you a flea, a grasshopper or a rabbit?
The first jump is necessary to take advantage of the trampoline suspension. Kangaroos can only jump so far because they have long hind legs with a thick Achilles tendon. With every jump, the leg springs like a trampoline.

There is a jump pit across from the trampoline. If you are not yet tired, you can also try how far you can make it with your own muscle strength. Where did you find jumping more fun and why?

But now is the time for a little rest. Have a look at the big kangaroo statue ... did you find a secret entrance? What does the world look like in a bag? What do you think, how many kangaroo cubs are in a real kangaroo pouch?
Kangaroos always have only one cub in their pouch. At birth, the kangaroo is only about the size of a gummy bear. It crawls along the fur into the bag and sucks on a teat. If it is big enough, you can go on a journey of discovery outside the bag. If it is too big to slip back into the bag, a new sibling kangaroo is born.