Off to the monkey restaurant! Here you have a good overview of the system!
Rhesus monkeys come from Asia. There they live in groups on trees and on the ground. Some live in seclusion in the wild, others live wild in cities and temples close to people. You have already noticed that they are very similar to us. That is why they have been researched often in the past. A certain component in our blood, the rhesus factor, was first discovered in them. Before humans could safely fly into space, they launched rockets with rhesus monkeys!

Take a close look at the rhesus monkeys. What do we look like? Can you see different facial expressions?
If you look around in the monkey restaurant, you will see a mirror on the left. Compare your face to that of the monkeys. How do you see e.g. from when you're angry?
Even if we do not speak a common spoken language, we can understand the monkeys through body language, gestures and facial expressions because we are so closely related.

Now back to the monkeys. Follow the path towards the farm and get an overview of the monkeys on the site.
How do they run and how do we run? And how do we run when we're still a toddler?
Monkeys prefer to move on all fours. This enables them to balance perfectly on branches and over humped paths. You need a very good sense of balance to walk upright on two legs. Therefore, it is much easier for toddlers to crawl on all fours first. But when later we only need two legs to run, we always have our two hands free - to pick apples, shoot with a bow and arrow or to use our smartphone.

See if you can spot animals in the rhesus monkey house that are busy. What exactly do they do, how do they deal with each other?
There is a clear hierarchy in rhesus monkey groups, i.e. each animal has a fixed place in the hierarchy and may thus e.g. only eat or reproduce if all higher-ranking people allow it. There is a dispute, for example more often for special delicacies or favorite places in the facility. But positive interactions such as mutual louse can also be observed.