Several animal species live in the Lausitz Valley. Otters and raccoons share an enclosure, and the whooper swan pair swims on the pond next door. Why don't they all live together in one facility?
Raccoons and otters are predators. In the zoo, they are mainly fed rodents, chicks and fish. In the wild they would steal the eggs of the whooper swans and also try to capture the swans themselves.

Whooper Swans - turn on the sound! :)

You can easily find the swans through their white plumage. But have you already discovered a raccoon or an otter? Strain your eyes and think about where these animals would like to be!
Raccoons are good climbers and like to stay in trees, where they can be seen very well on the bare trees in winter when sleeping. In the zoo, some sight tubes are directed at the favorite trees, including on the side of the Sika plant. With a bit of luck, they can also be seen on the window near the swan pond, in their box on the way or for feeding on the Lausitz path (this is the bridge through the enclosure).
Otters are very shy animals. They spend most of the day in caves that they dig themselves. Sometimes they can also be seen roaming the grounds.

floating otter

Do you actually know where the raccoons get their name from?
Raccoons kept in custody often submerge their food under water, which was previously interpreted as "washing". (Presumably, however, a purely instinctive action can be observed with which the animals imitate their natural search for food in the shallow water.)

Feeding otters and raccoons