From poor pig to stage hog!

Porcupines are very popular zoo animals because of their exotic appearance and curiosity. However, they often lead a shadowy existence, because in the traditional husbandry in trenches and bunkers they are seldom active during the day and can only be observed from above.

But not with us - at the porcupine plateau in the Tibetan village we allow our "ramp hogs" on the table!

They like to stay there, because directly opposite is our feed box for visitors with porcupine delicacies, which the zoo keepers fill up twice a day. Here you can meet the animals at eye level, take a close look at rattle cups and social behavior or be impressed by their gnawing power.

Other elements of the 220 m² outdoor area are various caves made of granite slabs as well as tree trunks and rocks that are lined up around and on a large hill. A 5 m² stable with a visitor's view offers the porcupines protection in cold weather.