stork diary 2020


Let's go - Corona - or not, the stork season 2020 can begin! Stork No. 1, experience has shown that it is the male animal, has arrived. With a high probability it is a "long-established". At least he behaves like this: knows exactly when and where he can find feed on our feed farm.

Our ground storks are a little further. Both pairs have eggs, one 3, the other 5, which they hatch.


So what's going on ? Somehow it doesn't really go on. The 2nd stork, i.e. Mrs. Storch, does not arrive. What does stork # 1 do? We have a guess. We still have to check them before we publish them here ...


Everything is different this year. The first stork we observed at the nest this year, an uncircumcised, seems to have flown off again. Now another familiar has arrived, this time a ringed bird. Our vague observations have been confirmed! This ringed Villastorch now actually has a partner. Unfortunately, he chose a ground stork as the lady of choice. Unfortunately, she will never be able to follow him at the stork villa. The couple, however, seem to be pretty unimportant, because now a nest is eagerly being developed on the ground. Peddlers have also been observed by animal keepers. Where love just falls ....

April 15, 2020

Drama on the stork meadow! The free flyer now claims its territory. Unfortunately, a ground stork fell victim to his attacks. We found the bird with bleeding head injuries lifeless on the meadow. As a precaution, our other ground storks have been locked up.

The or rather a second non-ringed Villastorch has emerged (again). However, both storks can never be seen at the nest at the same time. We assume that there are 2 male birds.

Our chickens have hatched 3 chicks in the last few days - at least that's good news!

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