stork diary 2017

03/29/2017 Yay, the first stork is here! Every year the stork comes a little earlier - last year the first stork did not arrive in the zoo until March 31st. 
In addition: joy instead of frustration - one of our stork ladies living in the stork enclosure has no frustration despite the bird flu barn duty but she has mated and is now sitting on three eggs ...

04/03/2017 No. 2 is here! After a few "lonely" days on our nest the stork now has company. Let's see if they really love each other ...

04/10/2017 Yes, eggs are also being laid diligently! Since April 8th there are 2 eggs in the nest!
Now that the forced barn obligation have been lifted our storks are allowed to go outdoors again what they clearly enjoy! There is rattling and salting .... Only our zoo couple which incubates and defends its 4 eggs in an exemplary manner is going to stay in the stable until the offspring hatch.

04/14/2017 An attentive observer of our zoo TV discovered it - since today there are 4 eggs in our stork nest!

04/27/2017 There is brooding and brooding. In the meantime, our stork couple already have their first chick in parlor arrest ...

04/28/2017 It's over with the calm at the Storchenhorst! There is Zoff, because a third stork has suddenly appeared and rioted. Pairings have also been observed. As a result of the turmoil, 2 eggs were thrown out of the nest ...

We have received some mailings from interested stork observers about the event and of course many questions as to why something like this happens. We can only speculate about the reasons. Both eggs were fertilized, so using unfertilized eggs as the reason does not apply here. A possible explanation would be that it was not the stork's partner who threw the eggs out and mated the stork, but the third one who wanted to throw out the eggs so that the stork lay new eggs, namely "his" eggs so I wanted to make sure his genes survive. The stork that came later would be the actual partner in the case, who defended the wife and nest ...

04/29/2017 Now calm has returned and our stork pair continues to incubate the, unfortunately only 2 eggs.
Chick no. 2 hatched in our "house arrest couple".

05/12/2017 Now the time has finally come: The first chick hatched - due to the nice weather .... Many thanks to our many attentive zoo TV observers - there were literal emails with this nice message!

05/14/2017 Tragedy at the Storchenhorst! At first all stork friends were happy about chick no. 2, which hatched yesterday and then suddenly both chicks disappeared overnight. We will never know what happened. Crashed chicks were not found despite an intensive search. Maybe it was crows?
Too bad, so the year 2017 will be without successfully raised villa storks.

The single chick of our house arrest storks, however, grows and thrives. A little support from the zookeeper is needed, because Mother Storch does everything except ... feed ...

May 14, 2017 in the afternoon Interestingly, the old storks have reappeared, and "kicking", i.e. mating, was also observed. Maybe another stork was involved, who threw the chicks out of the nest in order to win Mrs. Storch over. However, it would be very late for another clutch, because by the end of August the chicks must be fully grown, feathered and fit for the journey south. No matter, the camera remains switched on for the time being, just to see what is going on on the orphaned nest.

03.06.2017 Since nothing is happening at the Storchenhorst, which was to be expected, we switched off the stork camera for this season last week.
The parlor arrest chick is developing splendidly. Yesterday, two more young storks were added. The two were thrown out of a nest during a fight with a third stork - that somehow seems familiar to us ... The two survived a fall from a height of 15 meters (almost) unharmed ... They are now being used by veterinarians and zookeepers looked after by our dedicated employees.

Since we want to stay up-to-date and interesting for our live viewers from afar, but for technical reasons we can only offer one live connection at the same time, we will send live images from another corner of the zoo in real time via the network.