What's that?

"Hello Baby" is a cooperation of the Nature Conservation Zoo Görlitz-Zgorzelec with surrounding communities.

New parents get free access  to the Nature Conservation Zoo Görlitz-Zgorzelec for a whole year. One adult anual ticket can be redeemed per newborn child. Of course he child is free of any charge since admission to the zoo is free until the child turns four.

Who's joining?

Participating districts in Germany are Görlitz, Bautzen and Löbau as well as Zgorzelec, Boleslawiec and Luban in Poland.

How do I get this voucher gift?

You will receive the voucher with the birth certificate at the registry office or at birth in the hospital. Exactly one adult anual ticket can be redeemed per newborn child.

When and for how long can I redeem the voucher?

There is time for redemption during the entire first year of life - so you can wait until your baby is a little older and experience the visits even more consciously. But even after the first birthday the gift does not expire completely and can still be used for free admissions until the end of the second year of life of the child.

What's the thought behind

The goal of this welcoming gift is to create an emotional bond to our animals and carry out our conservation concerns to the people in our region. That also is also why the zoo makes an important contribution to the protection of species by keeping many protected and endangered species.