The pig differently on the table

Have you ever met a pig at eye level? A closer look at the foot, teat or trunk? A saucool pig terrace makes this possible in our Tibet village.The bristle animals also enjoy this new perspective and the increased angle of view of what is going on around them.

And there is a lot going on! There is an enclosure for children only, who can rummage for treasures like pigs. The zoo-educational idea behind it: what's the great thing about a pig's trunk? What can it do and how is it used? In this way, knowledge is conveyed in a playful and sustainable manner.

But that's not all: In order to be able to better control the fertility of the gang of pigs - the four sows have eighty piglets a year - the existing facility was expanded in 2016 to include a very cozy "love nest". Eber "Black Jack" lives there in his own suite with stable, outdoor enclosure, wallow and lookout. To avoid being alone, he has a sow to one side. The other women are brought to him specifically for erotic hours.
Incidentally, there are also insights into the love nest from above. The stable roof can be climbed over a bridge spanning the enclosure. In the middle of a blooming roof meadow there is a cozy spot directly above the love nest. Almost like in the 7th pig heaven ...