Something is going on here ...

... 365 days a year!

"Right in the middle instead of just being there" is what we live by! Whether for animal presentations, commented feedings, cuddling in the piglet bed, feeding the porcupines or deer, cattle, camels & co, grating carrots for the chicks, brushing the pigs, watching the griffon vulture from the state of research, specialist lectures or our numerous events - with us it will be never boring!

plan 2020


Friday February 14th
Zoo talks:
"California - Between the Ocean and the Desert (Travel Report)"


Tuesday March 10th
Raising the Tibet flag


Easter Monday, April 13th
Easter in the zoo with Easter egg hunt

Friday April 17th
Zoo talks:
Presentation of the zoo animal of 2020

Sunday April 26th
public sheep shearing


Sunday, May 10th
Mother's Day with a little surprise for all mothers


Whit Monday, June 1st
Children's day with a little surprise for all children

Friday June 12th
Zoo talks:
"Which fish? - Presentation of the current EAZA campaign"


Friday July 17th
Stone painting fun


Friday August 14th
Zoo talks:
"Australia - different than expected (travelogue)"


Sunday September 13th
Animal park festival


Friday October 16
Zoo talks:
"Turtles - Life in a Shell"

Wednesday October 30th
Pumpkin Festival


Tuesday November 10th
Martin game and parade


Sunday December 6th
Giving presents to the animals

Friday December 11th
Zoo talks:
"Fuchsteufelswild ?!"