Shetland pony


Shetland pony (Equus caballus f. dom.)

More than a hobbyhorse

In Europe and Asia small horse types developed among other species. The ponies were able to survive even under sparse conditions. They have been serving the farmers as helpers for 2000 years. They pulled wagons and agricultural equipment, carried seaweed and peat under any weather conditions and were the riding animals of the shepherds. Due to the harsh climate the horse breed got very tough and sufficient and is protected by long dense fur, tail and mane during winter.

Category: Mammal

Stem type: Przewalski's horse 2.000 years ago

Weight: ♂, ♀ 150-200 kg

Withers height: ♂, ♀ 87 up to 107 cm

gestation period: 11 month

feed: grass, herbs, foliage

Power: Packing, riding and carriage horses; good-natured, no jumpsy character; undemanding in feed and care; 1 foal a year

distribution: Shetland Islands