Domestic goat


Domestic goat (Capra hircus)

African pygmy goat

The African pygmy goat climbs and jumps excellently when it wants to reach the bark and leaves of trees and bushes. That earned it the name Tree Goat. In their African homeland they sometimes cause great damage by eating the bark as trees may die. The pygmy goats are kept in Africa by nomads in herds of 50 to 1000 animals in a migratory economy but also settled tribes appreciate their meat.

Category: Mammal

Stem type: bezoar ibex10,000 years ago

Weight: males 25-35 kg, females 20-25 kg

Withers height: males up to 55 cm, females up to 45 cm

Sexually mature: with 7 - 9 month

Reproduction: 1 - 3 hatchlings

gestation period: 5 month

food: foliage, bark, herbs, grasses, cereals