European otter


European otter (Lutra lutra)

Meal á la card

On the zoo - otter’s menue there are mainly fish, small rodents and poultry. The food of wild otter consist of fish, birds, small mammals, amphibians, insects, crayfish, molluscs. Mallards and herons are a “holiday roast”. Occasionally the otter are lucky to catch some wild birds. In this case they will refuse whatever the keepers offer…

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Category: Mammal

Size: Head, trunk 55-95 cm; Tail 30-55 cm

Age: 22 years

Sexually mature: with 2-3 years

gestation period: 60-63 days

food: Fish, crayfish, mussels, amphibians, small birds and mammals

habitat: on rivers, ponds, lakes, sea coasts

Danger: potentially at risk

Breeding program: There is a European Conservation Breeding Program (EEP) in which the Görlitz nature conservation zoo participates

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