Green vervet monkey


Green vervet monkey (Cercophitecus aethiops)

A life in strict hierarchies

Green vervet monkeys live together in large groups of up to 80 animals consisting of a few males and many females with offspring. High ranking individuals receive privileges while foraging, they are often groomed by low ranking group members. Especially eye-catching is the carmine coloured penis and the azure scrotum of the males. These sexual organs are displayed in order to impress other males.

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Category: Mammal

Size: Head-torso 35-66 cm; Tail 50-72 cm

Age: 30 years

Sexually mature: with 2-2,5 years

gestation period: approx. 165 days

food: Grass, fruits, berries, leaves, flowers, buds, invertebrates

habitat: open terrain, soil and tree dwellers, on the border between forest and savannah

Danger: not threatened

distribution area