House donkey


House donkey (Equus asinus asinus)

Donkey bridge

To this day, donkeys are required to carry out heavy loads, riding and pulling. Compared to horses, because of their "prudence" they are better suited for working in difficult terrain. They do not run away when there is danger, but stay e.g. face dangerous bridges. This caution was ignored by the ancient Greeks. The donkeys were assumed to be stupid. That's why they called tasks that stupid don't dare "donkey bridges". Today, "donkey bridges" are good memories for us.

Category: Mammal

Stem type: African wild ass 6000 years ago

Weight: ♂ 180-230 kg; ♀ 150-200 kg

Withers height: ♂ bis 110 cm; ♀ bis 100 cm

gestation period: 360-370 days

feed: Grass, herbs, foliage

Power: Load, riding, draft animal, patient, tough, good-natured character, frugal feed claims; 1 young animal a year