Red mountain cattle


Red mountain cattle (Bos primigenius taurus)

Undemanding landscaper

The red mountain cattle combines a number of red cattle breeds from different German mountain regions and goes back to single-colored red ancestors from Celtic times. It is an un- demanding breed with high-quality meat and a rich milk. Nowadays, red mountain cattle are, among other things, used to maintain open lands- capes.

The extinction of this endangered breed could be prevented using „lost“ semen samples rediscovered in an insemination center.

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Category: Mammal

Stem type: Aurochs 10,000 years ago

Weight: ♂ 750 kg; ♀ 620 kg

gestation period: 9 month

food: Grass, hay, silage, beets, cereals

Power: Good constitution and vitality, frugal. High milk content and best meat quality. Suitability for landscape maintenance as well as mother and nurse cow husbandry

Danger: highly endangered