Pomeranian Coarsewool


Pomeranian Coarsewool (Ovis aries)

Adapted seaside inhabitants

Due to their fleece Pomeranian Coarsewool defy rain, wet and cold wind. It consists of short hair, which regulates the air gaps, very fine wool fibres and a terminal layer of longhair. Therefore it qualifies for weather-resistant sweaters and jackets. Today, the wool is too rough for most people. It is often replaced by soft and smooth synthetic fibres. Hence sheep farming pays less and less off and the population decrease continuously.

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Category: Mammal

Stem type: Mouflon 11,000 years ago

Weight: ♂ 70-75 kg; ♀ 50-55 kg

gestation period: 5 month

feed: Grass, leaves, beets, hay, cereals

Power: ♂ 600 g, ♀ 400 g wool / year; 1-3 lambs / year

Danger: endangered