Domestic yak


Domestic yak (Bos mutus grunniens)

Tibetan universal-use animal

Domestic yaks are hardy, undemanding animals that easily deal with the cold in Tibet. Due to their broad claws, they are sure-fooded even in snow and are thus used for riding and as beasts of burden. Their meat, usually cut in stripes and dried, is used as food. Tibetans drink yak milk and make it into butter and cheese. Skin is processed into leather, wool into cloth and rope. Dried yak dung is used for fires in areas with little wood. The yak‘s tail serves as a fly swatter.

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Category: Mammal

Withers height: 130 cm

Age: 25 years

Sexually mature: 2 years

gestation period: 273-294 days

food: Herbs, grasses, mosses, lichens

habitat: Desert steppes up to 4700 m above sea level

Danger: Game form almost extinct, house form not threatened