Pallas‘s cat


Pallas‘s cat (Otocobolus manul)

Perfectly hidden

Especially in the early morning hours and in the twilight the pallas‘s cats go hunting in the high-altitude steppes of Asia. Their short legs show that they hunt their prey only for short distances. More often they hide near dens of small rodents and wait persistently for their prey animals. If the den is not very deep, they reach into it and try to fish for its inhabitants. Small rodents and pikas are a large part of their prey.

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Category: Mammal

Size: Head-trunk 50-65 cm; Tail 21-31 cm

Age: 12 years

Sexually mature: appox 12 month

gestation period: 66 days

food: Whistle bunnies, small rodents, steppe chickens and other birds

habitat: low-coverage, rocky high steppes up to 4,800 m

Danger: potentially at risk

distribution area