Persian goitered gazelle


Persian goitered gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa subgutturosa)

Gazelles with a goiter

The goiter of this Persian gazelle species is a cartilaginous thickening of the windpipe in males. It is particularly visible during mating season. The goi-ter probably serves as a sound box to increase the volume of the rutting calls.
In all other gazelle species, both sexes carry horns. In contrast, in goitered gazelles only the males bear horns while the females do not bear any horns.

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Category: Mammal

Weight: Weight 25-35 kg

Size: Shoulder height 50-65 cm

Age: 10-14 years

Sexually mature: 9 month, 18 month

gestation period: 5-6 months, often twin births, young animals are offspring

food: Grasses, herbs, leaves and shoots

habitat: Steppes, deserts and semi-deserts, also mountainous terrain. Long hikes in search of food and water.

Way of life: Live in small groups (2-5 animals), which form large herds in winter. Of all the species in the Gazella genus, the goiter gazelle penetrates farthest north

Danger: Endangered (IUCN 2008)

Breeding program: There is a European Monitoring Program (Mon) in which the Görlitz nature reserve takes part

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