Rhesus macaque


Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta)

For reflection

Monkeys are adored in Asia. However their similarity with humans got to be the Rhesus macaque‘s doom. To date it is an experimental animal species. In the 1950s each year about 200,000 Rhesus macaques were exported from India to the USA for biological, medical and psychological reasons, even for cosmic space research. Already in 1940 Karl Landsteiner discovered the so called Rhesus factor (Rh+ or Rh-) in their blood, which also exists in human blood.

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Category: Mammal

Sexually mature: ♀ at 3.5 years; ♂ at 4.5 years

gestation period: 135-194 days

food: Fruits, seeds, buds, sprouts, roots, leaves, herbs, bast, invertebrates, small vertebrates, crops, waste

habitat: Semi-deserts, forests in the tropical to temperate zone up to 3000m asl, human settlements

Danger: at risk

distribution area