Red Panda


Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens fulgens)

Don‘t pandas look differently?

Hearing the word „panda“, most people visualize a large, black-and-white bear. The red panda, also called lesser panda or red cat-bear, rather resembles a raccoon to whom he is more closely related. However, it does share its favorite food with its namesake: The red panda also feeds mostly on bamboo.
Just like the giant panda, red pandas have a „false thumb“, an elongated wrist bone, that is used for grasping, like a thumb.

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Red panda - research in the Görlitz nature reserve; research in the Görlitz nature reserve


Category: Mammal

Size: Head-trunk 51-63 cm; Tail 28-48 cm

Age: 14 years

Sexually mature: at 18 months

gestation period: 112-158 days

food: Bambus (80%), Gras, Eicheln, Wurzeln, Beeren, Flechten, Vogeleier, Jungvögel

habitat: Bamboo (80%), grass, acorns, roots, berries, lichens, bird eggs, young birds

Breeding program: There is a European Conservation Breeding Program (EEP) in which the Görlitz nature conservation zoo participates

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