Banded mongoose


Banded mongoose (Mungos mungo)

Smart egg openers

Banded mongoose have a wide range of feed, which also includes eggs. To be able to consume these, they help themselves with a special technique. The raw egg is taken with their paws and systematically thrown through the straddled hind legs against a stone. The contents of the broken egg are sipped up. Slimy food like snails for example are rolled extensively in the sand to remove the slime before eating.

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Category: Mammal

Weight: Weight 1–1,5 kg

Size: Body length 35–45 cm + 20–25 cm tail

Age: 10 years

Sexually mature: ca. 8 month

gestation period: ca. 60 days, 1-6 hatchlings

food: Beetles and millipedes and their larvae are the main focus of their food. They also eat mice, frogs, lizards and eggs. Large amounts of mammals, such as elephants, are often rummaged through for food

habitat: Banded mongoose prefer to live in savannas and forests. They avoid overly dry areas such as deserts and semi-deserts, but also mountain regions. Sometimes they can also be found close to people in cities and villages.

Way of life: Banded mongoose are social animals. The groups usually consist of 10 to 20, but in some cases up to 40 members and consist of several adult males and females as well as the young animals

Danger: not endangered

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