Pygmy marmoset


Pygmy marmoset (Cebuella pygmaea)

The smallest monkey, but not the smallest primate?

Pygmy marmosets reach a head-torso- length of 12-15cm and a weight of 100-120g. Thus they are still larger than e.g. mouse lemurs, the smallest primate, which are not counted as „true monkeys“. A group of pygmy marmosets are composed of a pair and their (even adult) offspring. To avoid inbreeding the dominant pair suppresses reproduction of the other group members by hormones and scents.

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Category: Mammal

Weight: 100-120g

Size: 12-15cm

Age: up to 12 years

Sexually mature: at 2 years

Reproduction: mostly twin births

gestation period: 133-140 days

food: Tree sap, insects, spiders

habitat: tropical rainforests, especially temporarily flooded lowland rainforests

Danger: not endangered

distribution: western Amazon basin between Rio Japurá in the north and Rio Madeira in the east and south = parts of W-Brazil, S-Colombia, O-Ecuador, O-Peru and N-Bolivia

distribution area