Chinese bamboo partridge


Chinese bamboo partridge (Bambusicola thoracicus)

Men sing and women incubate

Bamboo partridges like to be social. During the winter, they form small flocks. The males sing together during dawn and dusk. During breeding season, the pairs sing duets. Nests are on the ground near tree trunks, under shrubs or in higher grasses. Incubation is a woman‘s job: only the female takes care of the three to seven eggs.


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Category: Birds

Weight: about 200-350g

Size: about 30-32cm; Roosters carry a spur

Breeding duration: 17 -19 days

Age: bis 10 years

Sexually mature: 1-2 years

food: Seeds

Way of life: diurnal chicken bird, prefers dense bushes in the hills up to 1000 m, rarely up to 2000 m. It also occurs in bamboo forests and grasslands. Live in pairs or in groups of up to 20 birds outside the breeding season.

Danger: not endangered, although the population has declined slightly due to habitat loss and hunting

distribution: South china

distribution area