Grey heron


Grey heron (Ardea cinera)

Comedos at the zoo

Attracted by the rich food supply more and more Grey herons breed at the zoo. In the year 2004 there have been 34 pairs. In 2016 already 123 nests have been counted. Therewith the colony grew up to about 720 birds, with ascending trend.
However the birds do not find their main food at the Zoo but at the Neisse or at ponds. Their heavy nests and the faeces become more and more problematic for our trees.

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Category: Birds

Size: Beak tail 90-98 cm; Wingspan 170-195 cm

Breeding duration: 25-28 days

Age: 25 years old

Sexually mature: with 2 years

Reproduction: 3-5 Eggs

food: Fish, amphibians, mice, insects

habitat: flowing and still waters rich in fish and sea coasts with old trees

Danger: not threatened

distribution area