Red-and-green winged macaw


Red-and-green winged macaw (Ara chloroptera)

clay-loving seed-eaters

Red-and-green winged macaws mostly feed on seeds of the various trees in the South American rainforest. They destroy the fruit surrounding the seed before the fruit is ripe. This gives them an advantage against fruit-eating animals. However, the unripe fruits often contain toxic substances, as do the seeds. Scientists believe that macaws regularly eat clay to protect themselves against the toxins. Often hundreds of parrots, macaws and others, congregate in areas where clay is exposed.

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Category: Birds

Size: Beak tail 95 cm; Wingspan: 80-90 cm

Breeding duration: 24-26 days

Age: max. 60 years

Sexually mature: with 5 years

Reproduction: 2-3 eggs

food: Fruits, nuts, seeds, berries and vegetable-like plants, mineral soil

habitat: Tropical rainforest along the rivers and forest edges

Danger: threatened

distribution area