Pomeranian goose


Pomeranian goose (Anser anser f. dom.)

Graceful old lady

Although the Pomeranian goose is one of the larger goose breeds, it is a rather gracile poultry. For more than 700 years it is to be found in its origin Pomerania, especially in Rügen, the Uckermark and the area around Stral-sund. Anyhow the breed itself hasn‘t got aknowledged before 1912. Today it is bred allover Germany on great manors as well as on smaller farms. As a regional product it is promoted in the area of the mouth of the river Oder.

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Category: Birds

Stem type: Greylag goose 6,000 years ago

Weight: ♂ 8 kg, ♀ 7kg

Breeding duration: 33 days

feed: Green fodder, potatoes, bread, cereals

Power: fattened 10-13 kg; 10-15 eggs / year; with 160-200 g feathers, down