crane (Grus grus)



Each spring cranes present a terrific spectacle. Mating cranes revolve around each other, bow down, seesaw their bodies and take objects off the ground in order to throw them over their backs. Again and again they jump up into the air gracefully. Then they face each other with their wings wide- spread and trumpet loudly with their beaks pointing skywards. The distinc- tive call is enabled by an air tube extended into loops.

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Category: Birds

Size: Beak tail 96 119 cm; Wingspan 185-220cm

Breeding duration: 35 days

Age: in captivity up to 40 years

Sexually mature: with 4-6 years

Reproduction: 1-3 eggs

food: Cereals, fruits, acorns, plants, insects, snails, frogs, lizards, mice

habitat: Forest bogs, swamps, quarry forests

Danger: not threatened

distribution area