Red-billed blue magpie


Red-billed blue magpie (Urocissa erythrorhyncha)

Brisk, rascal and noisy!

Red-billed blue magpies are curious, noisy birds. Similar to jay, they count to the „hunting spoilers“: They follow predators and foil their prey by making noisey. Magpies belong to the crow family and are able to imitate sounds of their environment. Thereby they expand their repertoire of calls continously.
In human care red-billed blue magpies can become very tame, which makes them a popular pet in their Asian home land.

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Category: Birds

Size: Beak tail 60 cm

Breeding duration: 17 days

Age: appox 15 years

Sexually mature: at 1 year

Reproduction: 3-5 eggs

food: Fruits, seeds, insects, eggs, small vertebrates

habitat: Evergreen forests and shrubbery in hilly and mountainous regions

Danger: not threatened

distribution area