Ble-crowed laughingthrush


Ble-crowed laughingthrush (Dryonastes courtoisi)

A little chatterer

The blue-crowned laughingthrush is a social bird and never on its own. The birds are nearly constantly chattering in order to keep in contact with the other members of their group in the dense forests they live in. The nesting also takes place in small colonies. Nests are built in close proximity, using twigs and grasses. Subadult birds help raise their younger siblings. The species is critically endangered, less than 250 animals still occur in China.

Category: Birds

Age: max 23 years old

Sexually mature: 1 Year

Reproduction: Breeding time 13-14 days, 3 -4 eggs

food: Invertebrates, seeds

Way of life: Evergreen mixed forests and adjacent bush landscapes also in the vicinity of settlements. Diurnal very social and occurring in colonies.

Danger: highly endangered, about 250 birds in the wild

Breeding program: There is an international (ISB) and a European conservation breeding program (EEP), in which the Görlitz nature reserve takes part

distribution: Southeast China (Wujiang County, Jiangxi Province)

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