Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)

A powerful flock

In the Australian outback, budgerigars live in flocks of up to several thousand individuals. They often have to travel large distances searching for food and water. Traveling in such a large flock has several advantages for the birds: Many eyes discover food or predators faster than just two eyes. Additionally, predators have trouble concentrating on a single individual in such a huge flock and thus are less successful with their hunt.

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Category: Birds

Size: Beak tail 20 cm; Wingspan 25 cm

Age: max. 16 years

Sexually mature: at 3-4 month

Reproduction: 6 eggs, breeding duration: 18-20 days

food: Grass and herb seeds, insects

habitat: Savannas

Danger: not threatened

distribution: Australia

distribution area