Spotted laughingthrush


Spotted laughingthrush (Lanthocincla ocellatus)

Spotted flutist

The spotted laughingthrush is still widespread in Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal. It prefers the high altitude areas of mountain forests. Its presence is more likely to be detected by ear than by eye. The plumage seems to be eyecatching at fi rst sight, but disappears fastly in the lights and darks of the forest.

Category: Birds

Weight: up to 136 g

Size: Beak tail 30 - 33 cm

Breeding duration: 14 days

Sexually mature: 1 year

Reproduction: 2-5 eggs

food: Insects, seeds, fruits, berries

habitat: shrubby forests and scrubland, mountain forests

Danger: not threatened

distribution area