Oriental fire-bellied toad


Oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis)

Deadly toxin is a helpful medicine

As all toads the Oriental fire-bellied toad uses the orange-red colouring of its belly to warn predators. In danger it releases a milky venom out of hundreds of glands. One milligram of it injected into a mouse, kills it within 15 minutes.
But the toxin is of high interest for humans. It potentially prohibits the spread of human blood cancer cells. As it also acts deadly on bacteria it may be an alternative to antibiotics.

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Category: other

Size: Head-body up to 7cm

Age: 20 years

Sexually mature: with 1-2 years

food: Insects, worms, snails

habitat: standing, rarely flowing water

Danger: not endangered

distribution: East Asia-China, North and South Korea Russia

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