Honey bee


Honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Be(e) industrious!

A beehive consists of a queen bee, drones and up to 80,000 working bees. The latter have different duties depending on their age.
The first few days after hatching, the working bee serves as a cleaning bee, cleaning the cells of newly hatched bees. Next, she works as nurse bee, feeding larvae and the queen. After that, she builds new combs; then she guards the hive entrance. Lastly, she leaves the hive in order to gather pollen as a forager bee.

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Category: other

Stem type: Wild bee 5000 years ago

Weight: ♂ 0.19g, ♀ queen: 0.23g, worker 0.1g

Brood: Queen: from spring to autumn; 1,000-1,200 eggs / day

Age: Queen 4-5 years, drones 3-4 weeks, worker 5-6 weeks

feed: Nectar, pollen

Power: Honey, pollination of flowers, beeswax, propolis (antibiotic), bee venom (in ointment for rheumatism and osteoarthritis), food juice royal jelly (used in cosmetics)