Koi (Cyprinus carpio)

From food to cult fish

The name koi originates from the Japanese and means „colourful carp“. Already 2,500 years ago Chinese bred single-coloured carps as food fish in the irrigation ponds of rice fields. In Japan they are bred since the 19th century as ornamental carps. Today about 100 varieties of colours are registered. Animals which correspond exactly to the breed standard are very precious. In Japan the Koi enjoys cult status and symolizes luck and success.

Category: other

Stem type: Trunk form: colorful wild carp 2500 years ago

Weight: 5 kg heavier

Size: 50-80 cm; 150,000 eggs per kg of fish / year

feed: Ready-made food with fish meal and algae, corn, boiled rice, peas

Power: Ornamental fish