Corn snake


Corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus)

Handsome and harmless

There are two possible explanations regarding the origin of its most frequently used english common name Corn snake. 1. The main habitat of the Corn snake are grainfields and granaries. There they prey on the abundant rodents. Another explanation provides the colourful Indian corn. Its cob resembles the pattern of the corn snake‘s belly. The Corn snake can
reach a body length of 1.8m, but
often remains much smaller.

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Category: other

Weight: 200-800g

Size: Body length from 120 to 150cm

Breeding duration: depending on the temperature after 60-80 days

Age: up to 30 years

Sexually mature: from 20cm height

Reproduction: 8-30 eggs

food: Amphibians, reptiles, small mammals

Way of life: active at night and at dusk

Danger: not endangered

distribution: Eastern and Southeastern USA to Central Mexico

distribution area