Himalayan newt


Himalayan newt (Tylototriton verrucosus)

Little jinx?     

So far, the Himalayan newt is not considered endangered, however it still faces various threats. In some parts of Myanmar, it is considered a jinx and is therefore killed. In other parts, the newt is used as fishing bait; in India, it is used in traditional medicine. Additionally, animals are captured for the international pet trade. However, the biggest threat is habitat destruction – caused by water pollution, forest clearance for settlements and roads, and by forest fires.

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Category: other

Size: 18-20cm

Age: up to 10 years

Sexually mature: when reaching a total length of 12-12 cm (approx. 1 year)

food: Insects, snails, worms

habitat: Wet forests, close to the water

Danger: not threatened

distribution: Nepal, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand and peripheral areas of the southwest Chinese province of Yunnan

distribution area