Red-eared slider


Red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)

Due to a mass import from breeding farm in the USA a turtle boom started in Europe. Rashly bought their husbandry becomes a problem. Eventhough there are laws that prohibit the trade of many turtles and especially red-eared sliders are disposed every year by releasing them into public waters or zoos by private owners. Under the current climatic conditions these turtles usually do not reproduce but they find enough food and can hibernate easily so that the same animals can often be observed for years in their respective territories. Abandoned turtles live predatory and therefore endanger the original plant and animal species in the area. For example they like to eat frogspawn.

Reproduction: When the temperature in springtime is high enough the turtles are ready to mate. The male vibrates with is long claws in front of the eyepiece area of the female which is a part of their courtship behaviour. The claws help the male to hold on to the back shell of the female. In early summer the female searches a place for nesting. With her back legs she digs a hole for up to 22 eggs. The young turtles grow very fast so in their second summer they can already reach a length of 6 to 7 cm.


Category: other

Weight: up to 1,6kg

Size: shell length ♂ to 25cm, ♀ to 35cm

Age: 30-40 years

Sexually mature: from 18cm body length

food: small invertebrates, plants

Way of life: water with dense vegetation and a muddy ground

Danger: not endangered

distribution: USA / Florida / Mexico

distribution area