Red-eared slider


Red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)

Never lasting love

Though prohibited by law, every year numerous Trachemys species, espe-
cially Red-eared sliders, are set adrift in public watercourses or zoos by private owners. Under the present climatic conditions these tortoises do not reproduce. However they find enough food and hibernate without any difficulty. They live predatorily and therefore threaten native animal and plant species. For example, they do like frog spawn very much.

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Category: other

Weight: up to 1,6kg

Size: Armor length ♂ to 25cm, ♀ to 35cm

Age: 30-40 years

Sexually mature: from 18cm body length

food: small invertebrates, plants

Way of life: Water with dense vegetation and a muddy ground

Danger: not endangered

distribution: USA / Florida / Mexico

distribution area