Yellow-bellied slider


Yellow-bellied slider (Trachemys scripta scripta)

In disguise of the yellow belly

Most of the baby tortoises which are offered in pet shops are sold as yellow-bellied sliders. But as almost all youngs of the North American Trachemys species have a yellow belly and the local pet shop owners often don‘t know what they actually sell, many turtles are determined wrongly. The whole issue gets even more complicated due to mixing different species.

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Category: other

Weight: up to 1,3kg

Size: Armor length ♂ up to 20cm, ♀ up to 27cm,

Age: 30-40 years

food: Young animals mainly animal, old animals vegetable (aquatic plants)

habitat: Water with dense vegetation and a muddy ground

Danger: not endangered

distribution: USA-Southeastern Virginia to North Florida

distribution area