Russian tortoise


Russian tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii)

Loss of extremities?

The Russian tortoise is also known as Afghan tortoise, steppe tortoise, Central Asian tortoise or Horsfield‘s tortoise. Its German name „four-toes-tortoise“ is due to the fact that it has only four toes at its fore-paws. Characteristic for steppe tortoises is the creation of burrows and passages which can be up to four meters long. The flat physique shows a clear adaptation to the digging way of life.

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Category: other

Weight: up to 2kg

Size: 23cm (female) and 18cm (male)

Age: 60-80 years

Sexually mature: from 15 cm height

Reproduction: Mating shortly after hibernation, 2-6 eggs, incubation period between 60 and 105 days

food: Plant material containing crude fiber

habitat: Deserts and steppes with sparse vegetation. Four-toed turtles sleep a lot! In addition to the 2-5 month winter rest, there is a summer rest, which enables the animals to survive the hot, food-poor season in their home biotopes. In the wild, this summer rest often goes directly into winter rest.

Danger: at risk

distribution: Russia, Central Asia