application form nature conservation sponsorship

By taking on a nature conservation sponsorship, you contribute to the protection of endangered species together with the nature conservation zoo.

In addition to a certificate and a profile of the animal species, you will also receive an invitation to the annual patent day, at which you will be informed about the current status of your project.

Unless otherwise stated on the form, the sponsorship begins after payment has been made to the animal park donation account 12 203 at Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Lower Silesia IBAN: DE07 8505 0100 0000 0122 03 (BIC: WELADED1GRL)

Please indicate your donation + your name + the animal species.

With the designation "donation", the transfer receipt also serves as proof for the tax office.

A sponsorship lasts for one year and ends automatically after it expires. Before the sponsorship expires, you will receive a reminder letter from the nature conservation zoo with all the information necessary to extend the sponsorship.

Fill out the sponsorship application online!

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