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key word: Artenschutz (conservation)

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Our nature is in great danger all over the world.

More and more animal species are being displaced, persecuted and poached, their habitats plundered and destroyed. As long as we keep believing "there is nothing more we can do anyway" or "someone will take care of it" things looks bad for the biodiversity on our planet. However if many people show their commitment, together we can achieve great things!

There are many different conservation projects that fight for the survival of various animal species worldwide but the success of which depends on financial support.

With your donation you support our efforts to preserve biodiversity. Your contribution goes to those species conservation projects that need help most urgently - regardless of whether they are regional or international.


However, if you would like to donate to a specific project please note the respective project name after the "key word: Artenschutz (conservation)".

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