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The banded mongooses are on the loose!

This exclamation can be heard very often in the Nature Conservation Zoo Görlitz-Zgorzelec. The large panoramic windows of the spacious outdoor area create the illusion that the agile group of mongooses is moving freely in the entrance area of the zoo. They welcome our visitors.

But a lot of their indoor area is on display for visitors to see- during reproduction time exclusive insights into the nesting boxes are given and allow you to look deep into the exciting social structure of the banded mongooses. All members of a group help raising the offspring.

Predators in the beer garden?!

In their area of origin banded mongooses are considered to be cultivators. They are often seen near tourist acommandations where they make easy prey. That is why the decision was obvious to creativly take up the style of the beer garden of the restaurant "Zum gebratenen Storch". Instead of termite mounds the small African predators can take over barrels, boxes, tables and benches. The complex is complemented by a covered sandbox in which mongooses and children can play only being seperated by a glass plane, a fountain with a magical tap which is used as a lookout point but also for cooling down and of course a lot of infotainment.

Rendez-Vous Of A Lifetime!

The banded mongoose garden is accessible as a part of our

exclusive animal encounters 

accompanied by the zoo staff - a unique opportunity for very special experiences with the lively animals!