Feeding prohibited except with zoo prepared food.

Stay on the visitor trails.

Do not disturb the animals.

No helmets and long cords around the neck on playgrounds.

Bicycles, inline skates, balls, balloons, etc. are prohibited.

Treat games with care, report damage to the zoo staff.

Please follow the current hygiene rules.

Children under the age of 14 require the accompaniment of an adult.

Dispose of garbage in the waste bins.

Filming and taking photos for private purposes is allowed.

Riding is at your own risk.

Dogs must be kept on a short leash.

Instructions of the staff of the Nature Conservation Zoo must be followed. Violations can result in a ban from the zoo. In case of intentional or negligent violation of the above provisions the visitor is liable for any damages.

detailed visitor regulations

 By paying the entrance fee and entering the Nature Conservation Zoo you accept the following rules:

1. It is prohibited to feed the animals! Each animal gets sufficient and specifically composed food. Some animals are allowed to be fed but only with the food provided by the zoo. Pleasepay attention to the hanging feeding instruction. It
is not allowed to bring your own animal food.

2. Do not leave the visitor paths and pay attention to the demarcations. Excluded are the open meadows in the park. Crossing cordoned off areas is dangerous for both animals and humans and is therefore strictly prohibited.

3. Follow the usual hygiene rules: washing hands after contact with animals and wearing a protective mask where required
(see corresponding information signs). Out of consideration for all other visitors please leave the sanitary facilities
in the condition in which you found them.

4. Animals need their resting breaks as well. Please do not try to obtain the animals' attention by shouting, knocking on glas or anything like that.

5. Children under the age of 14 years are only allowed to visit the zoo when accompanied by an adult. Supervision includes not leaving children unobserved and staying close to them so that immediate intervention in any dangerous situation is possible. Parents are responsible for their

6. Your dogs are welcome. Please keep them on a short leash and make sure they do not enter any buildings, enclosures and playgrounds with a "dogs not allowed" sign. For your dog's "business" you can receive bags at the cash desk for free.

7. The use of bicycles, scooters, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards or anything similar is not allowed for your
own safety. Playing with frisbees disks, balloons or balls is also not allowed.

8. Please use the provided rubbish bins and help us to keep our zoo clean.

9. Riding is at your own risk! All animals can startle so please keep your distance and follow the instructions of the staff. Please avoid unnecessary noise!

10. Please use all the zoo playgrounds and games with care. Please inform a zoo employee about any damages immediatly.
The nets below the adventure bridge are safety nets. It is forbidden to jump into these nets!

11. For your own safety it is not allowed to wear helmets or jackets with ties around the neck on any playground.


12. Filming and photographing for private puposes is allowed. However, please be considerate of other visitors - not everyone wants to
be photographed. For commercial shots a permit must be obtained from the management of the zoo.


13. All instructions of the zoo employees must be followed! Violations can result in a removal from the zoo within the meaning
of domestic law. In case of wilful or negligent violation of the provisions above the visitor is responsible for
any damage regarding the zoo (Naturschutz-Tierpark Görlitz e.V.) a third party or himself caused as a result of his ignorance!

Zoo Görlitz wishes all visitors a pleasant stay.