A few thoughts on good deeds

Supporting a non-profit institution through consideration in the will is a matter close to the heart and should nevertheless be considered carefully.

If you want to do something for the animal cause, for species conservation and for nature, the Görlitz nature reserve can be the ideal addressee. The alignment of a legacy in the will helps the zoo to achieve its goals of bringing animals and nature closer to humans and to act as ambassadors for the conservation of animals and their habitats.

The Görlitz nature conservation zoo is using the inheritances to renew the zoo. The zoo relies on private support so that the plans for species-appropriate animal facilities can be realized. Of course, it is primarily the person giving the gift who decides on the use of his donation. However, it is advantageous if the intended purpose is only determined after consultation with the zoo director.

Inheritances to the Görlitz nature reserve are tax-exempt.

The Zoo Directorate will be happy to provide you with further information (+49 3581-66 93 000, Dr. Sven Hammer). We would also be happy to help you with the appropriate legal advice when drafting your will.



  • leave a donation or foundation to the zoo


  • advise you in detail about the possibilities of the gift - information and
    You can get support from Dr. Sven Hammer, director of the zoo

  • will be happy to help you with legal advice when drafting a will

  • on request thank you with a mention on our table "current donors" and in
    our annual report "Ciconia"