Nesting aid construction and installation for domestic owls

With the financing of this project, we as a nature conservation zoo can build quarters for the endangered domestic owls and thus give them the chance to continue their species in nature. The boxes give them shelter to reproduce and raise their young. In this way, we contribute to the conservation of endangered animal species.

With the help of financial support

employees of the nature conservation zoo in Görlitz since 2013

hang up many new incubators in the district of Görlitz, near Bautzen and in the district of Spree-Neiße. Starting in March 2014, new nesting aids were started in the area around Daubitz.


Many domestic owl species are endangered in Germany.

The short-eared owl, for example, is even threatened with extinction in many areas.

This is primarily due to the loss of habitat and the decline in prey. The birds often no longer find suitable breeding grounds. Global warming also threatens many owl species and their habitats.

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