Did you know that a hedgehog wears 8,000 spines and can even capture mice, that storks can differ in their differently colored throat sac or that cranes break their voices at the age of 15 months?

We found out all these and other exciting facts and relationships in our zoo. And although you should assume that everything is already known for the animal species mentioned, there are still many gaps in knowledge.

Red Panda

The red panda is a particular focus of our research. He has been successfully kept in the Görlitz zoo since 1997. Since then, activity rhythms, vocalization, as well as eating, playing, mating and rearing behavior have been documented and published.

Further downloads:

Red Panda - German Version

Red Panda - English Version

other species

With a notebook, camera and tape, we also track the youth development of other animal species, whose biology from the wild is as yet little known. Field studies outside the zoo are also on the program. On the one hand, we are interested in the wildlife of our home "sponsorship areas" (white stork, vertebrates of the Königshain mountains and others). On the other hand, foreign species are examined that we want to show in our zoo or whose way of life is still largely unknown.